When to climb Mount Kilimanjaro

While it’s possible to climb Mount Kilimanjaro all year round, it’s best to avoid the rains between April to late May and mid October to late December. January and February are good times to climb if you want a little more peace and quiet on the mountain, indeed if you climb by the Shira or Lemosho routes you are unlikely to see many other climbers until the 3rd or 4th day of your climb and if you climb via the Rongai route you may not see anyone the whole way to the summit. July to September is without a doubt the busiest time on the mountain but affords slightly better weather for climbing. This difference in weather is small however so don’t let it dictate when you climb.

A note on summiting

If you decide to climb during the rains (and there’s nothing wrong with that), in early January or early June conditions on the summit can be a bit tougher. Expect the average temperature to be colder and there to be a lot of snow about. We advise that you take an extra day on the mountain if your climbing during the off season in case bad weather suspends your summit attempt.